(FUN) FLO Friday with Dr. Farah Shroff – Student-Centred Learning Online

*Note: This session has passed, please view the recording below.

During these COVID-19 times, most of us are pivoting to online teaching with some trepidation. In this FLO Friday session we take a light-hearted approach to the weighty topic of making the shift to virtual teaching while keeping our learners at the centre.  During this session, you will have the opportunity to reflect upon learner-centred teaching online compared to face-to-face teaching. And as a bonus, Farah hopes to infuse some humour into this new teaching space! While enjoying the session, you will also have an opportunity to experience polling, break out sessions, and other helpful tools that you can utilize to keep your students at the centre of your lecture!


Presentation Slides (PDF): FLOing-with-Bloopers-14Aug2020