Preventing and Responding to Sexualized Violence through Sharing and Collaboration

*Note: This session has passed. Please view the recording and resources below.

In spring 2022, Selkirk College, College of Rockies, and North Island College entered into a partnership to plan and deliver a series of BCcampus sexual violence and prevention training workshops (Active Bystander Intervention, Supporting Survivors, Consent). This 75-minute information session will cover the planning and collaboration process, including how the three institutions worked together to coordinate marketing, registration, delivery, policy, and support services. This information session will offer tips and strategies for other rural post-secondary institutions to create their own cross-institutional partnerships.


Selkirk College: Matty Hillman, MA (CYC), is a faculty member in the School of Health and Human Services. His work with BCcampus includes development and facilitation of sexual violence and mental wellness materials and training. Ewnet Demisse, MA, is the healthy campus coordinator at Selkirk College. She works to create a safe, inclusive, equitable campus community environment. Matty and Ewnet delivered the Supporting Survivors workshop.

College of the Rockies: Meghan Reiser, MEd, is the student housing coordinator and a member of the Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response (SVPR) team at College of the Rockies. She is passionate about engaging students in conversations about consent and supporting those who have experienced sexualized violence. Chris McHolm, MA, is a counsellor and also a member of the SVPR team. He is passionate about supporting self-care through compassionate listening. Chris, Meghan, and Cori Andrichuk (manager, Student Life) delivered the Active Bystander Intervention workshop.

North Island College: Rachel Birch, BA, is the well-being strategist at North Island College. She is responsible for promoting a culture of health and well-being on campus by developing, implementing, and evaluating a variety of programs, services, and events to encourage healthy decision-making and behaviour. Disha Salhan, MAis the student life and outreach liaison. As part of the early-assist program, she works to understand the uniqueness of every student’s situation and support them with compassion and care.

This event is free. To ensure we have an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, we’ve added registration to all our sessions.