BCcampus is often involved with projects that bring together multiple partners to build curriculum for a variety of system needs. Some of those are as follows:

Elder Abuse Reduction

This project brought together many stakeholders for a highly collaborative, cross- sector creation of a core competency profile and curricular resource for elder abuse prevention, detection and response. Through BCcampus’ collaborative leadership, leaders and experts from across government, post-secondary, non-profit and other provincial and national agencies worked together to create and source existing material for this open, online resource. This resource has been designed for BC instructors and trainers providing core elder abuse concepts to entry-to-practice and continuing education/professional development learners across the financial, legal, social and health sectors. These resources are currently at the licensing stage and will be released later this year.

Care Management Strategy online resources 

The purpose of this project is to develop two open educational resources to be used by both post-secondary institutions and health authorities in education and training on care management. The first resource is an online Transformational Module illustrating the shift to a care management approach in home health care settings. The second resource is an inventory of existing learning materials that address identified learning outcomes for education and training in care management.

Health Care Assistant Curriculum Guide Revisions  

Through a Steering Committee with representation from Ministries, post-secondary institutions, health authorities and agencies, identify and implement revisions to the provincial curriculum guide (2008) to reflect the provincial competency profile (2014).

Health Care Assistant PLAR   

Through an advisory group, implement an online tool to assist in the transition of internationally education, or out-of-province educated health care workers in being qualified to be on the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry. This project is on strategic pause.

BC Innovation Council’s Market Validation Training (MVT)    

Facilitating the development and implementation of an online learning platform to increase access and success for early-stage entrepreneurs.  This tool will be available for use by both public and private education and training of entrepreneurs that meet the criteria set out by New Ventures BC (NVBC). The project has already attracted one public post-secondary institution (UBC) to use the tool within their existing program.

Professional Cook Gap Training Pilot     

BCcampus and go2hr recently completed a limited pilot for the Professional Cook gap-training project. We broke down the professional cook curriculum into separate, specific competencies linked to the course material. We then chose cooks who had gained most of their experience on the job, but were either unsuccessful in challenging the Red Seal exam or practical assessment (like our fictional cook above), or who had been identified as having substantial gaps in prior learning during the application process to participate in the pilot. More information can be found at here.