Putting EdTech tools into the hands of faculty with CASA

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In the Fall of 2015, Clint Lalonde started a new role with BCcampus, as the Manager, Educational Technologies and as such, he’s bringing creative ideas to life and scanning the horizon for new EdTech projects for us to try, test and implement.  Post by Clint Lalonde, Manager, Educational Technologies – adapted from clintlalonde.net One of the projects I’ve been thinking about (and writing about) is the work with Sandstorm… Read more »

B.C. post-secondary educators share their insight for the future of EdTech in 2016

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As we look ahead in 2016, seven B.C. post-secondary leaders share with us the top Educational Technologies they are excited to learn, test and teach. Find out which technology trends are on the radar of these EdTech specialists and which ones we should be keeping a closer eye on in the not-too-distant future. Lucas Wright – Learning Technology Specialist, University of British Columbia “An interesting trend… Read more »

The Impact of ETUG: First-time attendee, Daniel Reeve, shares his experiences

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We recently sat down with Daniel Reeve, a Political Science instructor from Camosun College to ask him about his experiences at the 2015 ETUG Spring Workshop, here’s what he had to say. Please tell us about how you’re connected with ETUG and about your experiences with this community. Four years ago, I taught my first online course. Developing the course required me to become much… Read more »

Get on board and online with ETUG in 2015: Why you should get to know this vibrant community

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If you’re enthusiastic about teaching, learning and educational technology and haven’t discovered ETUG yet, you’re missing out. ETUG is the BC Educational Technology Users Group, a grassroots community of BC educators (since 1994) who are interested in teaching, learning, educational technology (ed tech) and higher education. They have a dynamic community and a website rich with activities, workshops and resources sharing good ed tech practice…. Read more »

The need for tools in Competency-Based Education

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Implementing, delivering, and assessing Competency-Based Education programs requires new processes and technology tools to be effective and accepted. This is the second in a three-part series that looks at how new developments in competency-based education (CBE) are being explored by BCcampus. The initial article considered competency-based education as a delivery model and the BCcampus ‘Competency to Credential’ approach, and the third will provide an update… Read more »

Back to school prep: an educational technologist’s view

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Dr. Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media at the University of Regina’s Faculty of Education.  As part of his job, he analyzes, develops and helps to implement new tools and methods of enhancing learning. BCcampus caught up with Alec this week to ask him about how technology influences his back to school prep and teaching. How do you incorporate technology into your… Read more »

Best of BCcampus blog posts: it’s all about apps and tools to help you with back-to-school prep

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BCcampus best of apps and tools

In July, we featured our top 12 list of tools and apps for classroom use. For our best of blog post at BCcampus today, we’re compiling the list of apps and tools that were previously featured here and here to create one massive list to help you with your organization, productivity and creativity. Most institutions have learning and teaching centres where you can go for… Read more »

5 Questions with Sybil Harrison on the changing role of teaching and learning centres

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For this week’s blog post, BCcampus caught up with Sybil Harrison, the Director of Learning Services at Camosun’s College Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL). According to the college’s website, CETL “aims to inspire and promote innovation and excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.” And, we were curious to find out how. 1. Can you tell us more about your role… Read more »

5 Questions with Brian Lamb about technology, student engagement and blended learning

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Brian Lamb is the Director, Innovation Open Learning at Thompson Rivers University. He shares his experiences working at the intersection of teaching and learning support and student engagement and retention.  Can you give us a snapshot of Thompson Rivers University’s Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation? One thing that is unique about TRU’s Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation is suggested by its… Read more »

Top 8 facts about our Professional Cook Gap Training pilot program

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Here’s the scenario: you’ve been a cook for years and you want a better job, but you’re not Red Seal certified, so where do you start? Take time off work to go back to school and start from scratch? That seems like a waste of time, because obviously you have some skills and experience already. You’d like to brush up on a few things to… Read more »